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Making a definition covering open raising

Modified on 2012/05/18 23:56 by Administrator Categorized as Uncategorized
One of the simplest definitions you can make, an open raise is just when someone makes the first raise in a pot, pre flop.

On the general screen, there are a few options to be set. First we need to give a descriptive name and description. Generally, you also want to include the variable, $cardrange, so you can see what someone had when they committed the action. If you want this definition to also work like a stat so you can see what percentage of the time he open raised, you would select "define opportunities by action" on the general screen as well. If you don't make it a stat and only want the note to be taken when his cards are known, you need to go to the pre flop->general tab and select "player had to show down".

The next thing we need to do is filter the action itself. Since we are only looking at raises, we will create an action sequence named OpenRaise and then an action also named OpenRaise. Here we set the options "player had to be the note recipient" and "raise". Your screen should look like this:


You can also refine the bet size. For example, if I want to make it only for 4x big blind raises, I can set 4 for the minimum and maximum "amount in blinds". For tournament play, setting the percentage of someone's stack size can be considered. You can also make it an "open shove" note by specifying that the action had to be all in. There are also filters for position where you can filter by either the standard position and/or distance from the button. We will just filter for bet size in big blinds. I made it 4x since most people raise smaller. Does a bigger raise mean something? This note will tell us


Of course it's reasonable to think someone might raise bigger if there are limpers and as such we want to exclude that scenario. We make a new action in the sequence and call it "NoLimp". Keep in mind that actions happen in order so we need to use the up arrow to move the action above the OpenRaise. Here we specify "call" and "action had to NOT happen. Our screen now might look like this.


Here is the completed definition (right click->save as): 4xOpenWithoutLimpers.xml

Here is a definition where a raise is filtered by a player's stack size (right click->save as): OpenRaiseTenToTwentyPercentStack.xml

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